About Us
Who we Are

SFCM was created by professionals with extensive experience in general contracting, real property development, accounting and law.  SFCM provides superior customer service, state-of-the-art technological automation and professionalism resulting in efficient and responsive property and association management.

What Distinguishes Us From The Rest?

  • SFCM is vendor-neutral 
SFCM does not own or have affiliations with any service provider such as landscaping, pool contracting, insurance brokerage or other providers.  SFCM’s only goal is to help its clients select the most reliable and trusted vendors who can deliver the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost.

  • SFCM serves the entire market - from small to mid-sized to large associations
SFCM serves all sectors of the market equally.  SFCM provides the same level of service expected by the most discerning associations in Florida to all of our clients including the smaller and mid-sized communities that have traditionally been ignored by some of the larger and more well-known management companies.

  • Weekly site inspections by trained Property Managers
Unlike other management companies, SFCM is a visible presence at your property, visiting at least once a week to chat with owners, inspect the property and uncover maintenance or other issues before they become hazardous or costly to repair.

  • SFCM provides a detailed analysis of annual budgets, vendor contracts and insurance coverage
SFCM analyzes whether your Association has adequate reserves; whether your vendors are properly licensed and insured, whether their contracts provide appropriate protections for the Association and whether the Association's insurance coverage is adequate and cost effective.

  • No Long Term Contract
SFCM does not require a long-term management contract.  Client satisfaction is our number one goal.  SFCM’s management contract provides for a 30 day notice to terminate.  There are no hidden cancellation fees or costs, no strings attached.


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