Our Staff
Association and property management involves a physical property maintenance component, an accounting element and legal compliance. Our team has vast experience in all of these areas and more.

Mathew J. Cicero, CAM
Mr. Cicero has more than 25 years’ of experience in construction and property improvements.  He has been involved in every aspect of manufacturing and installation of home improvement products, sales, marketing, land development, and project management.  Mr. Cicero has experience in both the private and public sectors having been awarded numerous contracts from municipalities, including the Metropolitan Dade County contract to provide emergency temporary housing for 1800 migrant farm workers after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the State of North Carolina contract to provide emergency housing for victims of Hurricane Floyd in 1999.  Mr. Cicero was a partner in Sunset Palm Villas, a condominium conversion of 267 units from former HUD housing. Among other areas of responsibility, Mr. Cicero oversaw the selection of professionals including the general contractor, architect and legal counsel and was involved in every aspect of construction and other business and financial related details of the project.  In addition to receiving praise and recognition from local civic and political leaders, Sunset Palm Villas was the catalyst in turning around a previously blighted area and introduced home ownership to a sector of the population that had not realized that dream before.  Having hired numerous property management companies during his career, Mr. Cicero experienced firsthand the frustration of inept service providers and the deficiencies in the scope and level of service that some of these companies provided at over-inflated prices.  That is what motivated Mr. Cicero to create South Florida Condominium Management, Inc. (“SFCM”).  SFCM is dedicated to exceeding clients’ expectations by applying knowledge, experience and technological innovation to the challenges of property and Association management.

Dan Woodruff,
Mr. Woodruff is the Director of Operations with SFCM and has more than 8 years experience as a licensed community association manager in South Florida.  His background also includes various leadership roles in commercial aviation.  He also has experience in real estate and commercial property management. 
Bruce Sutton
Mr. Sutton’s career includes working for over 30 years in management for the national retailer, Sears.  He has experience in home improvements and customer service. Mr. Sutton oversees compliance of Community Association Managers with sight inspections and other aspects of physical maintenance contracts.  Mr. Sutton works with various Associations acting as liaison between Boards of Directors and contractors during construction projects.  Mr. Sutton earned his B.A. from Hiram College in Mathematics and Physics.

Hina Ayes, CAM

Marina Cuneo, CAM

Diuby "D" Guerra, CAM

Diana Infante, CAM

Lynda Maldonado, CAM

Joe Pozza, 

Jessica Velez, CAM


Pam Corrales
Ms. Corrales earned her Masters degree in Accounting and for 4 years was the administrative assistant to the Vice President and Billing Clerk at a land surveying company. Ms. Corrales is responsible for the verification and processing of all association accounting. 

Paola Toro
Ms. Toro is responsible for all corporate, association, and developer accounts payables, including construction draws and escrow funds.

Britni Jones
Ms. Jones is responsible for all corporate, association, and developer accounts receivable.

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